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The source is available on GitHub with an MIT license, and the application stack uses PostgreSQL, Ruby on Rails, jQuery and Bootstrap. The server runs nginx in front of puma on Ubuntu. The image export uses ChunkyPNG with OilyPNG.

Imports are automatic (based on xwing-data), and things like list archetypes the DB doesn't know yet are automagically generated, which means they'll never get stale because no human interaction is involved. On the other hand, my database has no clue what these things (ships, pilots, upgrades) represent and whether the combinations it gets are legal or posible, they're just a name and a number without anything else attached.


I'm ranking things based on one primary attribute: Ranking percentiles. For this, I calculate the percentile of each squadron's result in each tournament, already when importing the Lists Juggler data. Like that, I can then do all the heavy lifting in the database, which results in reasonable performance even for complex filters in queries.

Examples (slightly simplified): 3rd of 12 => 75th percentile, 9th of 90 => 90th percentile - and after the cut: 2nd of 16 in cut of 80 => 87.5th percentile.

The ranking then adds these percentiles for the chosen rankings (Swiss or cut or both), which results in a value I call "Magic". Two multipliers are used on this Magic value, if used for the filter: log(number of players in tournament) in order to reward heavy competition, and log(number of squadrons who used this thing, total) in order to bring things to the top that are prevalent in the meta.

If you want more precise information, then you can always Use the Source. Maybe I'll change the algorithm to something more founded in statistics some time, but for now, it appears to bring the squads one would expect to the top.

Editing Contents

You might have noticed edit buttons here and there. Feel free to fix any wrong or missing data, particularly list archetype names.

The Wikia links should go to the corresponding upgrade / pilot page, and that will result in the correct images being used for pilots and upgrades. The classes refer to this list (without prefixes).


The author is known as haslo on the FFG forums, BGG, GitHub, Twitter. Throw me a note in any of those places or create an issue on GitHub if you find bugs or have ideas for improvements.