Minor News

  • 2017-08-28: Factions in Archetypes

2017-08-17: Version 1.1

  • Added Archetype name suggestions
  • Added squad visualizer
  • Added changelog section
  • Synced IDs with xwing-data
  • Fixed multi-faction ship assignments (notably, Nym, but also TIE Fighters)
  • Improvements in post-cut percentile calculations
  • Breaking change to all previous links because of a necessary database rebuild

Intermediate Changes

  • Fixed responsive views for mobile access
  • Added overlay while importing
  • Added matchup lists
  • Locked down Archetype Names after spam attacks
  • Added and removed win/loss ratios (they're in review, weren't working correctly)
  • Improvements in "Notable Squadrons" list
  • Exports to CSV and JSON for third parties

2017-02-15: Version 1.0

  • Pilot Rankings
  • Ship Rankings
  • Upgrade Rankings
  • Ship Combo Rankings (Archetypes)